Top 12 Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin A rich foods are good for our body and especially the eyes and eyelids making them always look healthy. These days, many people want to eat only those foods which make them thin, or strong, or those that are good for their skin and hair. They do not pay much attention to the eyes which is an important organ of our body. We must also care for our eyes by not sitting too close to the TV screen, wearing sunglasses while going outside but the main fact is that we must eat a simple diet that protects our eyes and make them healthy. Hence, Vitamin A is needed which makes the eyes healthy and look good.

Vitamin A is very important for the body’s growth and development. It also keeps the skin healthy and helps the immune system and our vision. Vitamin A is found in eggs, milk, cheese and tuna. Vitamin A has Beta Carotene which is high in antioxidants and also aids in preventing cancer. Vitamin A is also found in carrots, pumpkins, squash, apricots, Papaya, leafy green vegetables, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes. 

Carrots are the best source of Vitamin A

Carrots are the most reliable of all the vegetables which is the highest in Vitamin A. Vitamin A contains Beta Carotene which is the important antioxidant and is also the best source of lycopene. Lycopene is a phyto-nutrient which fights cancer disease. Hence, carrots are the best source of Vitamin A in any form whether eaten or made a juice of it. It is always best to but organic carrots as it contains a lot of pesticide residue.

Sweet Potatoes are rich source of Vitamin A

Sweet potatoes are best sliced and then drizzled with some oil (preferably olive oil), salt, chilli powder and pepper. Roast the sweet potatoes at four hundred degrees for around twenty minutes until it is fully tender and cooked. The skin of the sweet potatoes can be eaten too. This vegetable can be baked and made into many tasty dishes. One medium sweet potato has almost 1,096 mg of vitamin A in it.

Pumpkin to provide Vitamin A

Pumpkin is another vegetable having a high dose of Vitamin A and it can be used liberally in your morning smoothie. You could even use canned pumpkin and it goes well with frozen bananas, yogurt, nutmeg, almond milk and cinnamon.

Ricotta cheese daily for Vitamin A

This cheese contains almost 26.3 percent of your daily dose of vitamin A in just one cup of serving. You can spread this cheese on your multigrain toast along with your favorite jam when you want to eat a hurried breakfast or just as a snack.  

Cantaloupe for daily dose of vitamin A

Just half a cup of cut cantaloupe has around 135 percent of your daily dose of vitamin A. This fruit is best with your eggs and toast on weekends. It is a vitamin A power food and you could also eat it with some ricotta cheese on your bread slices. This will provide you with a breakfast that is full of rich proteins and it can also be eaten after a good workout as a recovery snack.

Spinach is Vitamin A enriched leafy vegetable

One cup of spinach has around 573 mg of vitamin A in it and only thirty calories.  Spinach can be added to salads, boiled or sautéed and made into tasty dishes. 

Kale is another best leafy vegetable for vitamin A

Kale is another leafy vegetable which contains high doses of vitamin A and beta carotene. It has around 478 mg of vitamin A in it and around twenty calories only for half a cup of serving. It can also be used to make salads and soups to give it a great flavor and taste.

Turnip greens are good source of Vitamin A

Turnip greens are very edible and they are a common root vegetable. They are also very nutritious too. Just half a cup of this vegetable contains around 441 mg of vitamin A which is in the form of beta carotene. It also contains only 24 calories and the rest is vitamin C, calcium and folate.  The fresh young turnip leaves are best used as salads, or you could even boil them or steam them or served as a side dish. The mustard or dandelion green turnips also give a healthy boost to our body.

Beet greens daily for Vitamin A

Beet greens contain many nutrients and it also has 276 mg of vitamin A and the rest is potassium and vitamin K. it contains only nineteen calories for half a cup of beet greens. It can be grown at home too and you can use it instead of collards in your recipes. 

Winter squash a good source of beta carotene

Winter squash also contains vitamin A as much as beet greens and turnips. It is a palatable vegetable and is considered a good source of beta carotene.

Lettuce has good amount of vitamin A

The kind of lettuce you use is important where vitamin A is concerned. The dark variety of lettuces contains the most amount of vitamin A followed by red and green leaf ones. The iceberg variety contains only ten percent for every 100 gms.

Dried herbs are richest source of Vitamin A

Dried herbs are packed with vitamin A and so it is best to always add some dried herbs for anything that you make. Dried parsley contains the most amount of vitamin A followed by dried basil, oregano, Dill and dried marjoram.

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