Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is very important to fight diseases and viruses in our body. It also aids in preventing inflammation and processing other important nutrients in our body. Hence, it is very important for us to get our regular dose of vitamin C in order to avoid the severe symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in our body. Vitamin C is vital for our body as it contains antioxidants that help to fight off the free radicals in our body including infections, viruses, and inflammation. It also aids in building proteins which are needed for various kinds of cellular constructions besides protecting against heart ailments and strokes.

Vitamin B Rich Foods

Vitamin B complex refers to all the known and essential vitamins which are water soluble except for vitamin C. Every member of the B-complex contains a unique structure and also does unique functions in the body. Many multivitamin products contain the B-complex besides the remaining essential minerals and vitamins. As they are more complete than vitamin B-complex, the supplements containing the multiple vitamin and minerals are recommended in order to improve the overall intake of micronutrients and also for preventing any deficiencies. Vitamin B help in making energy required by the body and releases it when the body needs it. They also make red blood cells and are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Top 9 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

Are you suffering from sleepless nights just because of your receding hairline? Stop worrying and read further. There are selective foods that you can start taking them in your daily diet in order to get back your golden mane and also its luster.  People are generally sensitive about their hair loss and do not want to discuss it with anyone as they feel awkward doing so, and are scared to try out new programs or methods to bring back their lost glory.  Hence, it is better to try out and bring about some dietary changes in order to prevent hair loss. The following foods must be added to your daily diet.

Top 12 Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin A rich foods are good for our body and especially the eyes and eyelids making them always look healthy. These days, many people want to eat only those foods which make them thin, or strong, or those that are good for their skin and hair. They do not pay much attention to the eyes which is an important organ of our body. We must also care for our eyes by not sitting too close to the TV screen, wearing sunglasses while going outside but the main fact is that we must eat a simple diet that protects our eyes and make them healthy. Hence, Vitamin A is needed which makes the eyes healthy and look good.